It just about goes without saying that higher education is not cheap! Between buying books, covering tuition, and paying for rent and food, a student could go mad (and broke) trying to stay out in front of the expenses. And that’s just while a student is in school; for many, there are years of student loan payments to follow graduation.

A Different Approach

At Great Northern University, we think your education should equip you for your future without saddling you with years of debt. If you have already taken a deeper look at GNU, you have seen that we have taken great care to develop academic programs that put you first; our approach to your educational finances has been the same. We think that if you graduate from GNU and are unable to pursue your calling because of the need to repay massive student loans, then we’ve done something wrong. 

Priced for Real Life

There is no other way to say it: we have deliberately chosen to keep our cost as affordable as possible because we don’t believe that finances should prevent someone from receiving the education they want. The rates listed below are for Great Northern University’s 2023-2024 academic year. 

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GNU Fall 2023–Spring 2024  Tuition Rates
Undergraduate Programs $17,700 yr | $590/credit
Certificate Programs $17,700 yr | $590/credit
Course Audit Fee   $100/credit
Dual Enrollment $225/credit