Our Story 

The Beginning

In November of 2017, a small group of faculty members gathered together in Spokane, Washington. Having just learned that the branch campus of the Bible college where they worked would close the following spring, they began to lay the academic and philosophical foundations for a new Christian university that would be part of Spokane’s legacy of biblical higher education.

A Vision Revealed

The vision was of a university that incorporates biblical studies with Christian liberal arts for the purpose of preparing students to serve missionally in any context, whether in professional ministry, business-as-mission, or in simply bringing the influence of the gospel to the workplace. This vision is rooted in the conviction that Christian young people who are well-founded in Scripture, and expertly trained for meaningful careers, have tremendous potential to engage and transform the world for Christ.

Doors of Opportunity

While the founders of Great Northern University explored what it would take to turn this vision into reality, the Lord began opening doors that they couldn’t have opened on their own. In less than a year, GNU went from being a mere vision to a fully fledged, private, Christian, liberal arts university, complete with faculty, students, and a mission to Engage and Transform the World. In 2021, GNU received national accreditation, a major milestone for any university.

Follow the Journey of Great Northern University

GNU’s journey continues on as we praise God for His past work in our midst, and look ahead with excitement to what is next. Will you join with us in prayerful and financial support of this exciting mission to transform students who will engage and transform the world?

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