A Community of Growth

Great Northern University's staff and faculty are convinced that the classroom is not the destination in your journey; at best, your academic work is the road map that will guide you along the way. The pursuit of scholarship will certainly expand your mind, but it is inadequate to transform your character. For that kind of transformation, a person must be in right relationship with God and others. To that end, Great Northern University is dedicated to helping you cultivate meaningful community with your fellow students, with our staff and faculty, and in the neighborhoods and churches where you will do life.

The primary way this happens is through our purposeful involvement in our students' lives. Our professors do more than just teach a few hours of class a week; they hang out with students on campus, they serve and worship with them in local churches, and they regularly invite students into their homes for social gatherings. Through this process, we create a context of community and Christian learning that is enriching and encouraging for every student.

We do all of this because it's our passion and our calling to educate students who will engage and transform the world.