With the Dual Credit Program at Great Northern University, Christian high school students can take classes at GNU that count towards high school graduation and towards a degree at Great Northern University! 

Enrolling at GNU for the Dual Credit program is an excellent way for Spokane-area high school students to hit the ground running on their higher education journey—and it's cost effective! Students enrolled in the Dual Credit program for the 2023-2024 academic year will only pay $225/credit, reduced from our usual $590/credit rate for undergraduate students.

This program is geared towards high school juniors and seniors, and is particularly suitable for those students who are highly motivated and diligent. The courses for which high school students enroll through this program will be an official part of the student's collegiate transcript; for this reason, Dual Credit students and their parents should understand the academic commitment they are making by participating in this program. 

Interested students are encouraged to contact our Admissions Team with questions and inquiries and to fill out their application at the link below.

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